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October 23, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Staying Focused

The recent bad news had its brief time of control, then on Saturday I sat down in front of my computer and worked on my online store and other matters. To those that sent me emails about Katie, you have been answered with appreciation. To all that have sent silent prayers, thank you.

Katie's father sent out a group email that is one of the best human-relationship letters I ever read. It speaks of a father's love and resolve even in the face of certain death for the youngest of his three children. For those of you in my extended family that received his message, you know it said it all. It helped me see that I needed to stay focused on my daily activities too. Thanks, Doug.

Towards that goal, yesterday and today I updated my [Digital Passages CafePress Store is now closed as of April 18, 2008] by adding more images to more items and allowed flexibility to have the art shown on the front or back of the clothing articles. I dropped prices on the T-Shirts. The collage shown above is an example of some of my Wooden Tile Boxes placed together to form that image. The additions and changes to products and their images is an on-going process as time allows.

I spent part of Saturday reading a couple interesting articles:

The first one addresses the issue of people remembering to look at people during presentations instead of just reading the material. We learn to do this in my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club, too many people never learn to do this. For example, each time I watch some of the local city council meetings, I see people give presentations that are usually boring. They all read the PowerPoint Slideshows the same way as if they had rehearsed what they were saying a hundred times before going to the meeting. In the 1960's we would call such people, "plastic"; nowadays such presenters are just boring. Can't they depart from the hum-drum tone they impart and speak like they do in regular conversations? Maybe they should just post their PowerPoint Slideshows to the Internet and let us read them if they can't speak in a more effective tone. That would be less regimented than what they're are doing during those presentations.

The second article was very thought-provoking for me. The author seems to have captured the problems of groups in general and especially for people using software to communicate en-masse, I thought he was 100% correct in his analysis and conclusions. For any organization, I advocate for strong leadership. My experience has witnessed weak leaders and strong leaders. Weak leaders cause confusion and loss of focus. Strong leaders bring out the best in people and fosters more strong leaders among some in the group. Choose your leaders wisely. :-)

I watched the Chicago White Sox win Game One of the 2005 World Series. It was a close game. I felt the Sox were showing the same strength they showed in defeating the Angels in the five-game series with them. Their Third Baseman, Joe Crede was incredible! I look forward in earnest to the remaining games. Go White Sox!


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