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October 22, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

When Soulmates Embrace

On my former home page concerning my Storytelling endeavors, I touched upon that new direction for my life. My efforts towards that goal are being materialized with each presentation I give as the volunteer Park Ambassador for the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park. I have completed two presentations before two different senior groups since September. Each one increases my confidence in relating knowledge in an entertaining way.

Another strategy I'm using to support my Storytelling goal is earning my Competent Toastmaster and Competent Leader awards which I will complete by the end of this year. This coincides with the end of my term as President of the Twin Oaks Toastmasters club. I am lucky to belong to such a great club and work with a team of powerful leaders.

Lastly, I started the Digital Passages Podcasts site. This is a special place where I can improve my broadcasting style and distribute audio narration's on various topics via internet of my mp3 audio recordings.

Of course, motivation and inspiration are the foundations of a storyteller. Those aspects combined with the quantitative and qualitative life experiences, art, photography, and music provide a wide variety of topics to explore and convey. My testimonials page has responses from readers who I've touched with my topical contributions here.

Those contributions are revelations of my inner being. Most all of them revolve around relationships of one kind or another.

One of the most important relationships to me involves soulmates. I've been fortunate to have more than one soulmate in my life. The picture, Soul Mate Zone attempts to depict and describe the soulmate experience as it pertains to me. Many of the people I know have spoken to me about their soulmate. They describe in similar ways how a person can be so special to us, that we feel any absence from them keenly.

My wife, Sherry is my strongest soulmate. She knows me the best and is secure in my loyalty and commitment to her. Then there were the soulmates of my relationships that ended before I was married. I sometimes wonder how they feel but I know I'll never know the answer to that question. Life moved on with those separations.

It is the recognition that soulmates are important to my existence that I acknowledge the topic on this home page and previously in my art mentioned above. Two days ago I create a new music composition using GarageBand. You may hear my new tune by clicking the mp3 link, When Soulmates Embrace. It's my most recent homage issued respectfully to my soulmates everywhere past and present included.


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