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October 21, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Country, America

Today's song is Our Country by John Mellencamp, released in 2006.

It is my firm belief that every person should feel proud of their country wherever they live on the Earth. I feel proud of my country, America.

Earlier this week, in this part of my country, I had a chance to serve as a volunteer at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park when about 200 people came to inaugurate the large BBQ Restoration project at the ranch. The picture above is of the place-mats at all the tables, copies of a feast place-mat held at the ranch back in April, 1942.

The pictures below show people around the pool, waiting in line for the food. The second image below is the The California Rangers band that played. The third picture below is the area where some sat while enjoying the warm sunny day as that band played on.


My sister-in-law, Rita, sent me a PowerPoint slideshow containing a message of goodness. Whether you believe in God or not, you can appreciate the intent and consider how much you're in tune with the content.


Friday afternoon, I went to see the new film, Flags Of Our Fathers. I have read accounts of the actual men the movie is about so I thought I would be more prepared for the story. Instead I discovered I previously knew less about the truth of those men and their experiences in war and as symbols of victory. I think it is an excellent film and worthy of several Academy Awards.

My country is fortunate that such military men served under war conditions and gave all that they had on the battlefield. Those selected as symbols gave more than they had when they were back on this country's soil. I could never completely know what they actually felt or thought, no matter how accurately their actions or words were recorded.

I never fought in a war. I'm not a symbol. I am invisible compared to those that did fight for my country in wars. All of them are owed my gratitude for securing and maintaining my freedom. The freedom that has never diminished since the day I was born in this, my country, America.


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