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October 19, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Oxidation Factor

The above image, Unbound Ribbons is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder, released in 1982.

I published about sixty Desktop Backgrounds using the Oxidizer application over the last several months. The one above is the last one I'll be making for now.

To create those images was fun, but not as personally rewarding as creating digital art using Bryce or Carrara Studio. Most of the time using Oxidizer, the only aspect of creativity is in the naming of the images. As an artist, I need more influence in the outcome than that to be truly motivated.

Still, I enjoyed what I made using Oxidizer and offered to my readers all over the world.


My friend, Rick Munden, sent me followup information to the Alzheimer's topic mentioned on the October 17, 2007 home page:


Regarding Alzheimer's, the 9/15 issue of Science News reports that Turmeric is effective at preventing the disease - and tastes good too.



Northern California received some shocking news about the any day now earthquake. We who live on the Pacific Rim are always at increased risk for earthquakes. I don't even like the 5.0 ones I've felt.


Apple's U.S. share of the computer market is up to over 8%. With Apple's Leopard coming out soon and the fastest personal computers on the way, I expect Apple's marketshare to only increase from here on out.


Around 1991 I wrote a memo where I was working at that time concerning the issue of corporate backups taking more storage and time. I asked to have the firm create a project to study the issue further and develop a strategy to deal with the inevitability facing the firm.

I'm sorry to say that request was ignored. By not developing a plan caused problems even back then. And so it goes...


This stop-motion software looks like it may have some interesting applications.


This copyright approach makes sense to me.


For those of you interested in messaging technologies, this Twitter article may be useful.


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