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October 17, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Autumn Memories

The above image, Soft Palette is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Forever, Forever by Keiko Matsui, released in 2003.

A few years ago I created the image, Third Season Signs as a way to express my thoughts and feelings about the Fall Season. There are many important events in my life that occurred during my third season perspective. Some of those events are sprinkled around this site in one form or another and might form a virtual quilt using the threads of my life as I affected others and as they affected me.

Part of my personality is that I feel close to my friends, closer than most people do with friends. Some of my friends can tolerate that in me. Others need more distance and I usually give it to them. I give them time away from me too. When they are ready, they know where to find me.

Fortunately I seem to regularly be making new friends. I'm never at a loss for friends and the balancing of everyone's time works out one way or another. On Wednesday afternoon I met a young man at a medical clinic and in the span of just a few minutes we talked, he considered me a friend. Sometimes life holds many surprises -- still.

I've been extremely lucky in my life. There were several times my life could have turned out for the worse. Some reckless adventures in my adolescent and teenage years were exciting then, but now in retrospect, I see how close I came to traveling down a more rough side of life. Surely a Guardian Angel watches over me. There's no other way to explain how I wasn't caught in the act during so many adventures.

Those with me at those times would have been negatively affected too by our actions. Instead we continued on unabated and our lives progressed towards our destiny. The phrase, it was fun while it lasted, is a little short-sided when viewed in the rear-view mirror of life.

I'm in no position nor have the desire to preach. I know what young people go through and how their urges get control over them at times. It's a natural process at work. Some skate through like I did, some have more unfortunate outcomes. I know there are some parents who believe they can control their kids, but kids are pretty smart about end-running limitations they don't agree with; it happens all the time. I'm not advocating anything in particular, I just accept nature for how it works in each and every generation.

In another month or so the holidays begin. During those special weeks someone will look into another's eyes and find comfort. That will happen countless times. Words will be exchanged and find rapport between two people. Kisses will lead to greater physical expressions. Some relationships will be short-lived, others to last a lifetime.

I think of the last forty years that seem to have gone by rather fast. I wonder who will write the stores forty years from now about their lives when they were young and adventurous? I've contributed my share knowing there are countless stories from others that will not be told. But I know they happened to others and that's the important thing.

There's a great dialog between two characters in the film, Inventing the Abbotts. It's in the last scene and tells it like it is:

Doug Holt: You always loved me no matter what I did, right?
Pamela Abbott: Yeah.
Doug Holt: Maybe that's how I love you. No matter what. It's the best kind of love, you know?


I added a new iPhone Desktop in portrait mode, "Don's Facebook Wall".


I found an article helping explain the sub-prime meltdown resulting in increases in foreclosures. That situation causes fear in some people.


This is always a good question to ask.


Found on the web links for October 16, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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