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October 16, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Artist Considerations

The above image, The Crafty Captain is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Didn't Want To Have To Do It by The Lovin Spoonful, released in 1966.

Of late, I am thinking about finding an artist agent to promote some of my digital art. A few years ago I operated an online store to sell my art, but that venture wasn't successful. Even so, I continue to receive nowadays as in the past, positive comments about my artwork.

As an entrepreneur, I know that there are always lessons to learn from one's own business ventures. Just because one approach doesn't work, that doesn't mean the effort should be abandoned. The urge to create is strong in me, very strong.

I am an artist, but also a technologist, a project manager, and a leader. All these things and more comprise my total being. They flow and blend all the time. Nonetheless, there are some elements missing.

The sales and marketing skills are not as strong as they need to be in the artist side of me. Perhaps because the artist side of me is closer to my true nature, or at least how I reveal my inner personal thoughts and feelings. I need an agent to be the intermediary between my art and the customers.

I have created a 20 x 30 inch poster of my Imprisoned Soul digital art image. It was rendered at 296 dpi (dots per inch) on high quality glossy paper printed at over 1200 dpi. It containes a very small white border around the edge of the paper. It is very professional looking and will hang in a nice frame downstairs in the house. I intend to sell copies of it at a later time. Below is a smaller very low-resolution thumbnail of it:

The wording on it is the same as the narrative on the actual art image page on this site along with the title and my copyright information.

I'm already rendering some other high-quality digital art images to sell in the same same poster size format on my two computers as I write this message. More on those results in a later posting.


I added one Favorite Header Image Combinations (example shown below):


I send a Happy Birthday wish to my friend, Jackie today!


Obtaining Microsoft certifications can be important to your career. I earned a MCTS for Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects last February. Now Microsoft is offering discounts for certain certifications. Check out this page for the details.


Steve Sorensen is the father of my friend, John. Steve published a wonderful article in the San Diego Weekly Reader, about his experiences living in Baja, Mexico. I hope you too enjoy his writing in, Please Don't Tell Anyone That Old Surfers End Up Here. I did!


My friends, Jim and Gary, separately published new leadership articles:


As an artist, I enjoy seeing how other talented people express themselves. This video is one of the coolest artists I've ever seen work.


Did you know a small amount of poison can save your life when you might otherwise die?


Found on the web links for October 15, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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