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October 15, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Have A Good Life!

The above image, Utah Cloud Hole July 1981 is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Undun by The Guess Who, released in 1969.

On my October 12, 2007 home page, I published the first of two speeches I wrote, but never delivered in public. Today I publish below, the second of those speeches, Get Unwired!

I wrote this speech on May 28, 2003. Part of it connects to the previous speech, The Visible Spirit and extends it. I may give this speech orally one day during a storytelling presentation.

Get Unwired!

We are living at a time when we are constantly bombarded by radio waves of all kinds:
  • Radio:
    • FM
    • AM
    • Satellite
  • TV:
    • Cable
    • Satellite
  • Wireless:
    • Cell phones
    • Home phones
    • Internet devices
  • If all these high-energy frequencies were more focused it would be like we are all living in a huge microwave oven:
    • I'm afraid my next medical exam will bring forth the prognosis that I'm "well-done."
  • There is too much intrusion in our lives by constant communication links:
    • Remember each one of the electronic leashes has an off-switch
Some people have OD'd on technology:
  • You may personally know someone who fits this image:
    • English is their second-language because computerease is now their first
    • They introduce themselves with a name ending in
    • They have email and web sites that become their primary mode of interacting with the known world
    • They can't write anymore unless they tap out their message on a PDA device first
    • Personal pagers and cell phones are worn at their sides like a gunslinger of the 1800's would
Some people call this progress:
  • I would agree that it is a progressive disease
  • I trace the indulgence away from the power of speech and human interaction to the fax machine:
    • While most access speeds of equipment have increased over the last twenty-years, most fax computers are operating at the same speed due to restrictions of the phone lines
    • How many times have you sent a fax more than once because it hasn't been received yet?:
      • Worse yet, it hasn't been acted upon yet?:
        • That's the crux of the problem, we want and expect instant action on our requests
        • If we don't get it immediately, we call, we email, and express our redundant message all over again with a hint of indignation
We need to move out from behind that electronic firewall and show our true selves:
  • Don't incorporate technology as your first resort to persuade
  • Create art or write stories granting insight to who you are
  • Look into a person's eyes when you speak
I've got an answer and it's simple:
  • Turn off the equipment
  • Read a book
  • Listen to some soft music
  • Write down messages with paper and pencil
  • Take walks along the beach or other paths where you can hear the wind and feel your heartbeat
Make the Spirit life force that dwells in each of you more accountable for your actions and thoughts:
  • Smile more at people
  • Speak more positively than negatively
  • Let your humanity glow around your personal space so that your Visible Spirit leaves a tangible impression on everyone you meet
The Visible Spirit can never travel through the medium of the radio spectrum, it can only be transmitted in person:
  • Let your Visible Spirit reclaim the proper position in your life and regulate technology to a tool and not a shield:
    • Promise yourself to be you. It will be the most important promise you will ever make
    • Be at peace with yourself. If you are not at peace with yourself, you are at peace with nothing


I submitted an application for a new Voter Registration Card. In this new version, I declined to state a political party affiliation. I can pass on the Primary Election and save my vote for the General Election where it matters most.

If most voters abandoned the Primary Elections, it would force the political parties to be competitive instead of pandering. I'm doing what I can to promote competitiveness and will not vote in the primary election.


Three Quicktime Video's of mine became very popular in the last two months. Three of them are now downloaded about 100 times a month or more. The first one below has already been downloaded over 500 times this month alone!

Feeling In The Moonlight is about 3 minutes and 20 seconds long and 14.5 MB in size.

Many Moons Ago Music Video is about 8 MB in size and 5 minutes in duration.

The Great Spokane Washington Falls is about 16 seconds long and 5.3 MB in size.


With Furious Futility is my newest short story. Almost 10,000 page views accumulated on my short stories between here and the other site where some of them are published.


I recently scanned some of my 35mm slides from the family's July 1981 Trip Pictures.


Airline trips today are so dull and boring. This way to fly would be really cool!


I'm in favor of unlocked cell phones. I'm also in favor of using WiFi phones to cut the cost of making any call to almost zero using Voice Over IP.


I found two more articles about SQL databases:


This energy approach in reduction of oil consumption is worthy of a Nobel Prize and we don't need our economy to suffer in the process.


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