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October 14, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Catalyst Ingredient

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Today's song is Reach Out, I'll Be There by the Four Tops, released in 1966.

Part of my motivation for writing my thoughts today comes from the movie, Mother Teresa, I watched last night on DVD. The the real life Mother Teresa lived most of her adult life as a profound catalyst.

She helped the sick and dying in one of the poorest areas of the world. She started alone against the odds, and over the next several decades inspired many to join her cause. She touched or otherwise exposed something within each of those followers to give freely of their time and compassion. No wonder she is on the fast-path to becoming a Saint.

So many times we have the opportunity to be a real part of another's life. We are there at just the right moment to have a positive effect on their life. As I have often written about here, their eyes will reflect the new insight to their heart, mind, and perhaps soul.

The best times of those experiences for me is when I felt the least involved with the outcome. I wasn't trying to shape that person's moment of discovery. I like to describe that interaction as my being a catalyst. Being a catalyst allows me to live part of my pathfinder role in the natural way I prefer to encounter aspects of life.

For instance, this web site, provides a way to be a catalyst for many who come to visit here. Some I hear from, most I don't. I like that I effect people with little direct impact from me. The smaller the role I play in the interaction, the more enjoyable the outcome.

One of my best friends, described me this week as "simple". That made me feel really good when she wrote me an email message about it. I have seen the light in her life many times and she's seen the light in mine.

Every person is a catalyst to another at some point in life. Maybe you recognize it when it happens, maybe you don't. In either case, the situation is rewarding for the recipient. That's the best part to accept and understand, in my humble opinion.


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