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October 12, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Columbus Day 2009

The above image is, Imprisoned Soul

Today's song is Fire & Rain by James Taylor, released in 1970.

This year for Columbus Day, I reference the YouTube video, Rhythm of the Heart - Native American - Buffalo - Plains - Sioux. On that same page are many links to other Native American videos that tell their side of the story and history.

My early educational institutions did not provide both sides of the history of the merging between foreigners and Native Americans. I had to do my own research in my adult years to see more of the complete story.

For many Native Americans, the old ways remain true in their hearts. They have no reason to change. Time is their friend, rooted in their long presence on this land we call, America. My digital art image, Many Moons Ago, (shown below) respects their culture and beliefs.


The new digital art image, Imprisoned Soul, is also available as an iPhone/iTouch Background.


I published one new short story, Middle Of The Road.


I added two Favorite Header Image Combinations (example shown below):


An interesting way to use the natural resources of Iceland.


How the iPhone works.


The 10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009.


Connect the Dots with OmniGraffle.


Take a look at Chicago in 1948 via the old Traveltalks series from James A. Fitzpatrick.


Found on the web links for October 11, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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