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October 11, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Go White Sox!

Today's song is the 1982 single Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson.

Last night I watched the Angels beat the Yankees in the fifth game of their series. Now the Angels travel to Chicago today to play the White Sox. Sorry, Anaheim, I'm supporting the White Sox from this point on. After-all, I am originally from Chicago. :-)

The picture above is one of the crumbling bricks from the old Comiskey Park. Somehow Sherry won it as a prize two years before the old park was demolished...

My Dad and his brothers used to go to that park in the late 1920's and early 1930's and watch some of baseball's greats play, like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. My Dad was a real sports fan, especially for baseball. I'm told he knew the baseball stats so well, he was often called upon to settle arguments. My Uncle Bob was one of the brothers that played for the Chicago Cubs in the Minor League until a shoulder injury ended that career path around 1937. Too bad I wasn't around back then to listen to those baseball discussions. But, as they say, I wasn't even a sparkle in my Dad's eye at the time.

I'm not a baseball stats kind of guy like my Dad was, my memory has been dedicated to other events in life. The first ball-game I ever went to, back in 1957 was to the old Comiskey Park. As a kid, I used to own with pride, a glove engraved with the name, Luis Aparicio. I remember running home from school in 1959 to see the White Sox lose in the World Series that year. The Chicago Cubs weren't the only team whose fans said, "Maybe next year." That phrase has been uttered many times since 1959.

I think 2005 is the year for the White Sox. They are playing well and beat last year's World Series champs, the Boston Red Sox in a three-game sweep. I wonder if I can get tickets to a game in Anaheim for this series to see them play? Well, at least I can watch them on TV even if I can't be at a game.

Then again, maybe my daughter, Jenny will finesse her way into a game at the new Comiskey Park and act as my emissary there. In many ways she's a lot like my Dad, so maybe the magic will touch lightly on her this playoff season.


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