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October 5, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Powerful Women

Today's song is Captain Of Her Heart by Double, released in 1986.

I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know some women who are a powerful presence, yet they kept their femininity. One was my maternal grandmother, bless her heart. Now Fortune magazine publishes information about the 50 Most Powerful in Business 2006 so that we can learn more about them.

Some men are threatened by powerful women, then again those same men might be threatened by powerful men too. They wouldn't feel threatened at all if they were more secure in themselves. They are missing out by what can be learned by powerful women and men.

I have a friend who runs her own communications business. I worked with her at the same company for many years and she was powerful, and even more importantly, effective in her work performance there. She helped me learn some important perspectives and yet she always retained that sense of soft femininity. I hope to see her again someday.

There are many more powerful women than just the ones that are in business. Many families depend on the strength of the mother or wife to keep the family going. They may never appear in Fortune's magazine, but they are just as powerful in their contributions to society. I see many of them every month in the activities I am involved with here in San Diego. They teach me lessons every time I see them.

My good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, is helping his newest protege, Dennisse (shown below), in her singing and entertainment path. I've heard Dennisse sing, and she seems to have that desire to succeed in her career.

He sent me the following press release for her.

At your request we would like to release the latest photograph of her for your thousands of readers worldwide. We have received hundreds of request from viewers all over the world who ask one question, "What happened to DENNISSE?"

Well my good friends, she is indeed alive and well.

In fact, after her debut on DOTMAC INFO last year, (where she still holds the all time record for the most downloads of one month), she has been quite busy to say the least.

She has appeared here in Arizona on local TV, and Internationally with Telemundo TV. Dennisse is also quite busy these days here at our studios as well. Though I claim to be retired, she continues to dominate my vintage U47 mic in making worlds class commercials and "doing her thing", as she says, with her renditions of Rap and Jazz.

So all you fans of DENNISSE, here on Time Out Of Mind, here she is as of today, October 3 2006. . . as selected by Mr. Don Larson himself.

She is still 15, and as of November 12, 2006, she is "Sweet 16".

Please leave her a personal message, as she loves email.
Write her @:

Interested producers may contact her agent at USA 1- 480-945-1155. Ask for Bookings, or Erin.

Happy Birthday DENNISSE!

Warmest of regards,

Gene Weed
(From a proud surrogate dad)

Lastly, I think of my wife, Sherry, and my daughter, as powerful women. Together we overcame several obstacles throughout the years. Some of their power must have rubbed-off on me in that time. :-)

For my daughter's 30th birthday, I created a new digital art image, Gifts Of Sapphire And Gold (shown below).

It's an expression of my powerful love for her.


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