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October 3, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Promised Reflection

The above image is Tomorrow's Choices

Today's song is What The Word Needs Now by Jackie DeShannon, released in 1965.

I consider it an important principle to take responsibility when it comes due. We are now in a time when this principle is being tested. My past few home page themes linked below are related in particular to this message today:

The political leadership in our nation has failed us [1; 2] once already this week. Will they rise and take responsibility now?

Whatever the politicians do, what is really important is what each of us does. I think we need to understand that we have become less wealthy [1; 2, 3]. Should we stand around and point fingers or work on the problem ourselves?

I point out again today that the next President won't have much money to spend on new programs or be able to cut taxes very much. He is a place filler until the next election in 2012. The faces of the elected in Congress this time around aren't going to change too much. A very large percentage of those that are there now will still be there when the new President takes office. How reassuring can that be?

This is my view of the elected:

The election of our next new President is like changing the front door of a sub-prime financed home now in foreclosure. What's behind that door is the same as before.

If We, The People, want to see our nation improve we have got to stay informed and tell our elected representatives what we want done. If we just vote in November and then go back to sleep, we have no one to blame except ourselves for the outcome.

I say that because in these past ten days, we did speak out and we are getting results. Watch C-Span and see the pressure we put on our representatives to do their jobs. If we stop watching over them, they'll go back to their complacent ways and our nation will drift away from us.

I know all of you have a mirror you can stand in front of to see yourself. While in that position point at it while asking who is responsible to fix America? I promise the reflection will not lie to you.


Today is the birthday of one of my best friends, Bill Artus. Happy Birthday, Bill!


I am back in touch with Pete Yared, a guy I met when my EveryDay Objects, Inc. (EDO) partnership was an ongoing venture 1993-1998. Pete is a very wise and funny guy and I hope to see him again in-person soon.


Found on the web links for October 2, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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