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October 3, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Fifty Powerful Women

The above image, Network Outage is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Five O'Clock World by The Vogues, released in 1966.

I came across this article about the 50 most powerful women in business. It's an interesting summary.

I was lucky enough to work for three women in my varied careers. Each one was fully capable and never lost their femininity while performing their duties. They were fair in their treatment of those that worked for them. They earned the respect they were given.

I also had opportunities to work on projects with other women who held high positions in the companies I worked for at different times. They helped me when I needed help and they put long hours on their jobs. That's why they got ahead in their careers.

Maybe one day my daughter will be in the top 50? It wouldn't surprise me one bit.


On Tuesday afternoon, I went to see the new version of 3:10 to Yuma. I liked it. I still think the 1957 version with Glenn Ford is better.


I've been watching the PBS Presentation, The War. I think it's another masterful creation in the Ken Burns tradition. The series is so real in the portrayal of the actual participants that I almost feel like I am there with them.


Yahoo overhauled its search engine to make it more predictive. I went and checked and Time Out Of Mind is ranked number 1 out of 558,000,000 results!


Guy Kawasaki has some great articles for entrepreneurs. The Financial Models for Underachievers piece is just one example. It can help men as well as women who wish to be successful.


Did you know about these seven Presidents?


This site has a great gallery of images.


Giving up on Vista? Here's how to downgrade to XP. Consider it my public service announcement. ;-)


Some lessons of an aborted revolution. I would add that if you want a successful revolution, blood needs to be shed. The American and French revolutions are two useful examples.

If you refuse to recognize those real lessons from history, then you are merely dreaming of freedom. No one guarantees freedom. Even after you achieve freedom, you need to sometimes fight and die to retain it. We Americans understand that very well.


Senator John McCain thinks a Christian should lead our nation. One of the problems in our system of government, in my humble opinion, is there is too much religion as the basis for our legal system.


Today is my friend Bill Artus' birthday! Happy Birthday, Bill!


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