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October 1, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Harvesting The Years

Today's song is another of my GarageBand creations named, Waterfall Dreams, released in 2004.

I watched the DVD of Cinderella Man over the weekend. I didn't know much about the movie beforehand. The scenes in that film capture the despairing times of the Great Depression and how one man stayed true to himself, his family, and his dreams.

Tough times breeds tough people. Sure, many people want to take the easy way out, but most people have enough pride and sense to know that perseverance of their core values and beliefs is the best path for them and their secure future.

Even though I was born many years after the Great Depression ended, I have faced uncertain times financially. I know what it's like to be out of work during recessions and being rejected by potential employers. In the middle of 1976, I often stood in line at an Unemployment office for many hours waiting to process my claim. Alongside me were perhaps another 100 people attempting to do the same. Our personal bank account was almost exhausted, my wife Sherry was pregnant, and the job outlook bleak. It wasn't a time for being despondent. It was a time to be innovative and maintaining a positive attitude of self.

Those recession years made me stronger. I learned to adjust to changing circumstances. I wasn't scared of the future, I embraced it. I'm not a Cinderella Man nor a pumpkin sitting in the field waiting to be picked.


Google Earth is a powerful free software package that is extensible. I found the Google Earth Hacks site to be very useful in the add-on packages it contains.

One of the coolest ways to use Google Earth is to create animated flyby's of a trip from one place to another. By setting the camera's tilt and distance settings, you can zoom along the Earth's surface as if you were floating above that path and get a rough idea of what it is like to be there. Maybe you would like to fly through the Grand Canyon? Maybe you envision what it's like approaching a friend's house from a nearby location? It's pretty easy to do. :-)

There is another cool enhancement I discovered at that site, a current overlay of the weather across the United States. I captured this image below of the weather on Saturday while using this overlay.

As you can see, the weather perspective is impressive as we head down to the annual harvest time here in America.


October is a month of several personal anniversaries. I learned an important life lesson back in 1968 during a Homecoming weekend experience. I went to work as a telephone installer in 1969 at that time. I started as a machinist in 1974 and ended that career 25 years ago later this month. I almost died from an allergic attack twenty years ago today.

Personal anniversaries are important reminders of how I came to be where I am today. I made mistakes along the path of my life. I effected others, a few of them to a significant degree and they have not forgotten. I loved and lost, only to find love again. I used those experiences to plant the seeds of tomorrow's field of opportunities, knowing the strike of each midnight begins a wonderful new day to live.

To harvest my lessons accumulating over the years and achieve my waterfall of dreams, I try to follow the wise words of the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale who always closed his insightful radio broadcasts with, keep looking up!


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