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November 5, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Spirit of America

The day after Election Day I gave a speech at my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club. It's title was, The Spirit of America [ Link since removed ] and touched upon the inspirations of several Americans over the last 80 years.

On that day I gave that speech, I wore a purple shirt. The color Purple is comprised of equal Red and Blue saturations and intensities. For all Americans after Election Day, we are Purple for a while.

One of the goals of my speech project was the effective use of props. In part of my speech, I addressed the concept of responsibility. One of the ways I use to always show who is responsible is to pickup a hand-mirror and look into it. It never lies about responsibility.

After I spoke about how useful that tool is for me, I said I would share its usefulness and at that point, I turned it around to reflect the audience as I asked who too, is responsible? The technique and use of words allowed the release of tension and caused laughter among we Purple beings. The Spirit of America is alive and well. :-)

I have had eleven Presidents in my lifetime. I have survived every one of their Presidencies. Some years were very hard for me. Some have been very good for me. Whoever was or is the President at any time is never more powerful than the people whether I voted for him or not. We The People ARE the government!

I rank myself in higher priority as an American before I rank myself as a member of a particular political party. I try to stay Purple most of the time except as elections near, then I assume the color of my political party for voting purposes. Afterwards I revert back to Purple. I'll have more to say in the future on my Digital Passages PodCasts [ Link since removed ] site.

The Spirit of America depends on the tradition that we can find common ground on tough issues. This web site is one place for common ground.


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