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November 30, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Holiday Smiling Season Arrives 2009

The above image, Freedom's Expression is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Butterfly by Swing Out Sister, released in 2008.

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We spent Thanksgiving Day driving down the coast, stopping at various places. The day was sunny with a high of 81 degrees F., as the picture of me below indicates. I published another page of, Thanksgiving 2009 Pictures.

We ate dinner at the Cafe Coyote in Old Town San Diego. Old Town always makes its visitors feel like they are in Old California as shown below.

On Friday the house was decorated for the Christmas holiday season inside and out. It is festive in our neighborhood already with some houses already decorated with outside lights.

On Sunday afternnon, we ate our turkey dinner, enjoying each dish.

I am considering attending next Friday evening's event, Balboa Park December Nights. It's been four years since I last went to one.

If there is someone special in your heart this time of year, let them know it. Don't just show them with your gifts. You can start with a smile then demonstrate your freedom's expression in ways that are deeply meaningful to you both. I do!


I published two new short stories, Reality Checks and The Dropouts.


In addition to the above image below the date, I published two more Desktop Backgrounds:

La Jolla Torrey Pine
Thanksgiving 2009 Waves


I added two Favorite Header Image Combinations (example shown below):


My friend, Nicki, has a mission to save abused horses. She travels around the state taking in abandoned horses as she can afford to do so. She works very hard to make the abused horses comfortable and they receive veterinary care as needed. Donations are always appreciated. Contact Nicki at Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue Incorporated.


My friend, Jim, published a new leadership article, Every Leader Needs a Coach.


Are you into taking photos? Here's a helpful reference in using light.


The new version of HandBrake is out for Snow Leopard in 64-bit.


In my opinion, these ideas shouldn't even be needed anywhere in the United States. One day, inexpensive internet connections will be available anywhere.


My friend, Steve, published this link on his Facebook Wall, as a reference to homeowners needing mortgage assistance.


Found on the web links for November 29, 2009 [ Link since removed ] and November 26, 2009 [ Link since removed ].


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