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November 28, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Old Photos And Memories

The above image, is East Of Glacier National Park July 1978

Today's song is Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce, released in 1972.

I have many old photos stored away here in the house. From time-to-time Sherry and I look at them to refresh our memories. Sometimes I take a few special ones and scan them into digital format. The one above is one I did recently. I'll talk about it a little.

In July 1978, Sherry and our daughter and I went on a trip with Sherry's sister, Rita, and her family in their popup camper. We traveled from Chicago, IL west towards Yellowstone National Park in western Wyoming. Sherry's sister's three kids were young, their youngest the same age as our daughter, her oldest about six years of age.

We had a lot of fun camping along the way. One night we camped in Rapid City, South Dakota and it was so windy, we all thought the camper was going to blow away. At one point we woke up in the middle of the night and discovered Rita was running outside trying to keep the lawn chairs from blowing away. Primarily we were awakened by Rita's husband, Ken, yelling, Rita, what the hell are you doing? In the many years since, when I know it's very windy in Chicago, I call Rita and recite Ken's immortalized words. It's one of those inside family jokes. :-)

We had a wonderful time in Yellowstone itself. It wasn't very windy, but the car developed electrical wiring problems. Fortunately, Ken had all his tools, a volt meter, and the car repair manual along. At least we had the tools and knowledge for attempting the diagnosis for our own repairs.

One or more fuses kept blowing which was pretty disturbing. We went to the few auto repair stations in Yellowstone and purchased every fuse they had. For the next three days, Ken and I traced out the wires by following the wiring diagrams in the rain with mosquitoes all around biting us. We finally discovered that the cable was worn underneath the car and shorting out a few wires across several circuits. We used up almost all the fuses in that three-day trial-and error episode. Once we found that problem, we taped up the wires and we were good to go.

After a quick trip through Yellowstone we headed up to Glacier National Park in northern Montana. There we let the kids go out and play in the snow. I have other pictures of the kids walking in an open field among the tall grasses. I remember the very scenic mountains and valleys on the Going To The Sun highway. We reached the other side of Glacier National Park after a long day and I stopped to take the picture at the top of this page.

It was that trip that started me on my spiritual rebirth. It took about eight years and more trips to the west from Chicago and the reading of many Native American books to discover my true inner calling.

Old photos hold a lot of information. Our minds hold more through our memories. I remember taking the picture above because something inside told me it was a special moment. Now I've shared that moment with you.


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