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November 26, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Holiday Factor

That special time of the year for so many people has again arrived. The period from Thanksgiving to New Years Day expresses its grip on me at this time too. I start to display this "time of the season" by greeting people with more openness of affection than at other times of the year. I'm an incurable romantic when it comes right down to it.

I first noticed this "holiday factor" when its appearance came upon me back in late 1970. I can't say for sure why its emergence took place then and not sooner. Maybe it was the realization that I was becoming an adult and would soon have more control over my destiny.

I rather tend to think it was a time when I had overcome some rough experiences as a teenager and moved on from a relationship that ended terribly. I might have awakened to my inner-spirit earlier had things gone better for me beforehand, but in the winter holidays of 1970, I already had a new relationship and that was so much better than the first one. I truly believe love brings out the best in me. I know it often brings out the best in other people too.

Of course I can't prove that the end-of-year holiday season affects everyone the same way. Proof is not always what we think it is. Plenty of times we attempt to prove ourselves to others and the result isn't what we expected. It's a comfort in life to reach a stage when you no longer have to prove yourself. All the proof has already been presented and now just the living remains. That's how I felt for a few years now.

It might be my own bias that contributes to my belief that people are for the most part good and they want to share that goodness in many ways. This holiday season provides ample opportunity for people to share goodness. They can call an old friend that they fell out of touch with and rekindle the communication between them. They can serve less fortunate people in their community and bring some smiles to those in need. Those in love, can validate their feelings and ask the other to continue sharing their life going forward.

As you walk down the street, look upon the faces of your fellow human beings. Do you see that gleam in their eyes as your smiles are exchanged? You will if that gleam is in your eyes first.

Whether your eyes meet mine in the coming weeks or not, I wish you all a wonderful season of happiness and love. That's my "holiday factor" at work in its simplicity. It doesn't need to be an more complicated than that.


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