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November 25, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Thanksgiving 2006

Today's song is Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow, released in 1974.

This year I celebrated the holiday with Sherry and DJ differently. We decided to eat breakfast at the Carlsbad Ponto Beach, and then drive leisurely down the coast to La Jolla. The picture of me above is from the stop we made at Swami Beach in Encinitas, California. There we looked out from the cliffs to watch the surfers ride the tall waves present.

We ate an early non-turkey dinner in Old Town San Diego at the Coyote Cantina (shown below). In the warm sun, the day went by slowly as we enjoyed ourselves in those places while the crowds were away.

I received many kind messages from best friends and family in the spirit of Thanksgiving. The start of the holiday season begins with those heartfelt messages. I returned each of them in full measure.

I took many pictures during the day along the coast and released some as Desktops. Three of them are displayed in grayscale because the mood is so dramatically expressed when color is removed.

On Friday, we ate the traditional turkey dinner here at home. It is one of the few years where we departed from the usual celebration, but we enjoy the old ways and our own traditions equally.

Saturday afternoon Sherry and I attend a BBQ with friends, Pierre and Rose Doche, at their home. The holiday spirit has arrived!


I watched Holiday Inn on DVD this week. I love watching the old holiday classics while I eat my buttered popcorn and sip my diet soda. There is an entire collection of old movies I'll sit back and view here at home that way before the New Year arrives. I'll try to remember to mention them as the weeks ahead unfold.


My nephew, Francois, and his friend, Mike, started, a new aviation business venture in The Netherlands. They were both visiting here last winter for a few days and we had a chance to be their hosts while they traveled around the country doing research for the business. I wish them well on their new entrepreneurial pursuits.


If these Sea Breacher's were for sale, I would ask for one for Christmas. Maybe Santa will find a way to deliver one to me. :-)


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