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November 23, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Giving Thanks 2009

The above image, On Course To Paradise is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is The World I Used to Know by Jimmie Rogers, released in 1963.

For those that celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I hope it is a happy one. It is the start of the holiday season for me and continues until New Year's Day.

This is also the time of the year I start to remember those people that effected my life one way or another. Some are passed on, some are still here. All are appreciated for whatever their degree of influence on me. They helped me arrive to who and where I am today. Thank you.


The United States government is involved with an unnecessary secretly planned treaty to deny American's digital rights. Our President campaigned as a candidate, promised as President to make government more transparent. This action belies that promise!


In this upcoming holiday season, Let's Say Thanks to our military folks overseas.


I'm closing in on the magic 100 contacts on my two social networks. I have 95 Facebook friends and 98 LinkedIn connections. There's a lot more communication exchanges on the former. :-)


Manuel Robaina is using my art image, Neither Time Nor Distance, (shown below) with my written permission on his marathon blog [English translation].


My good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, is a big supporter of his surrogate son, Juan Gonzalez. Juan plays varsity football on the undefeated high school team, Mingus Union, in Cottonwood, Arizona.


I met Diane Rice, Photographer, and owner of her own business, Portraits by "Diane". She does great work!


This looks like a great book to read, Back-road adventurer on America's 'Blue Highways'. On my many road travels, I found the back roads have more interest than the intrastates do.


Speaking of reading, Sherry and I watched the 2008 movie, The Reader, on Friday night. The movie demonstrates how illiteracy denies an individual their greater understanding of the world. In some cases, the outcome may be lethal in the effect.


Sunday night I watched the 1924 silent movie, The Red Lily. It's well done, explaining how young lovers can be torn-apart by outside influences, endure hard times for years, and yet find each other again in happiness.


Found on the web links for November 22, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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