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November 23, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]


The above image is Straits of Redemption

Today's song is Alone Again, Naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan, released in 1972.

At the start of the holiday season it may be helpful to take a few moments to remember those you once knew who passed away. In my case, my parents are at the top of that list. My brother and other relatives closely follow. I have friends who died to add to that list of remembrances as well.

So many people who had an effect on my life are gone. Some I knew better than others. In memory of all those that touched my life in one way or another, I try to remember them each year at this time.


Alert: From November 20 - 28, 2007, those shopping at my [Digital Passages CafePress Store is now closed as of April 18, 2008] can save $15.00 on orders for $50.00 or more (excludes taxes and shipping fees) by using this coupon code on checkout: FRFAM2007.

It's my special thanks to my customers!


President Kennedy was assasinated fourty-four years ago yesterday. I read this article about a new perspective about that sad event.


On Wednesday night, I took Sherry to see the new movie, American Gangster. We both enjoyed it very much.


These are good projects to pursue in my humble opinion.


For those interested in Interior Designing.


If you're interested in doing Mac Development, this seems like a good resource.


My friend, Marc, sent me this link where Walt Mossberg waxes about Macs.


A new Mac vs. PC ad.


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