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November 22, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Holiday Romance

Today's song is my newest creation, Just To Kiss You Once, released today as an mp3.

Sherry and I are getting ready for the holidays. In December we both travel to Chicago to visit with our daughter's family and see our granddaughter again. It's that wonderful time of year again when the spirit of a free people show their heart more openly for the remainder of the year.

I created my new music today as I recalled the times in my life when I wanted to kiss someone. I wasn't always successful in that regard, but it is a fact of life that we are often attracted to another person to the degree where affection is desired. Fate can play a role in determining the outcome where a kiss is concerned.

A kiss can be romantic or not. A kiss can start an adventure or end a long relationship. A kiss may be fulfilling or leave you thirsty for more. To attempt that first kiss is a risk. It opens your heart to exposure, maybe it even opens the heart of the other?

The holidays are good times to have a romance. In my case, my romance with Sherry is still ongoing, now into our 34th year. For some people this holiday season will be their first romance. Perhaps right at this moment they have not yet met that other person, but soon will. Something about each other will glow warmly inside and work its way outward. Then, at just the right time, it will culminate in that first kiss of many to follow.

When that happens to you or if it happened to you long ago, know that moment will never be forgotten. Whether you're still with that person for a long time is something only the two of you can work out. Destiny is made of more than kisses. To kiss someone just once is to participate in beginning that destiny.


Last Sunday, my good friend, Pierre Doche, met me at one of his friend's business, Nurturing Touch Day Spa. He is a regular customer there and for their Grand Opening last month he purchased two of my pictures [1; 2] for display there.

The rooms are nicely decorated to make their customers comfortable and relaxed during their visit. I took some pictures of two of the many rooms and also of one of the framed pictures, San Diego Sea Life.


I watched the Guy Kawasaki Interview with Steve Wozniak on Monday afternoon. I've met and spoken with both of them when I was in the Apple Developer Program during the 1980's. Both are very cool guys!

Woz is a real character. Some of the things he talks about when he was in elementary and high school reminded me of things I did in my schools. He obviously loves practical jokes, but is a lot more creative than I was.

What is more apparent in the interview is how Woz, as the engineer, looked at how to simplify technologies to put them in the hands of consumers, instead of embracing the vastness of the original design.

Too often people in the computer technology industry lose sight that people are the end goal as users, not the technology for technology's sake. The Woz stayed focused on people. I hope he lives to be 100.


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