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November 21, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Cycles and Consequences

The above image is, The Candle

Today's song is Cycles by Frank Sinatra, released in 1968.

Even those living under a rock know we are in for a long, deep recession. I started occasionally writing about this rocky period we now face since March 7, 2007. My psychic sensing provided me advance warning and I've used the last 20 months to help prepare for the next couple of years. It will be a very tough time and remember, there are no guarantees in life.

The American auto industry is in terrible shape. In my region I am barraged with TV commercials from local dealers talking about large trucks and SUV's on sale. I have this to say to them:

"Hello, auto dealers! Your advertisements should be about small, energy efficient cars, not those energy-guzzling vehicles you mistakenly inventoried and sold for far too many years. Save yourself advertising dollars and drive those trucks and SUV's right over to the recycle stations to at least get some return on your inventory."

I'm against the auto industry bailout. Instead let's invest the money in small startups that bring innovative products or services to the market. President Obama, his team and the new Congress will be steering federal money that way in early 2009.

Americans voted for change on November 4, 2008. We are going to have more change than we ever imagined. We are just at the beginning of that change and have a long, long way to go. I characterize the drastic economic downturn as follows:

"A car crash is about to occur. At first the brakes are applied and the car's tires start to screech. We are just at the earliest of stages of that long, protracted skid. There is a considerable way to go before the actual impact, so imagine the screeching lasting all the way. Then the impact happens, the damage occurs. Only when the dust has settled can we start to determine what to do at that point. Remember, right now we just jammed on the brakes a moment ago..."

One consequence of the downturn is much lower prices on most items. Consumers will have some ways to save money, even if their paychecks are smaller or disappearing as America rediscovers and reinvents itself over the next two years.

As the year 2011 rolls around, those who stayed focused on the future, who continued to learn new skills, who didn't sit around waiting for a bailout, will be ready to take advantage of the new-and-improved American economy. I witnessed this before during the recession of the mid-1970's when I was laid-off for extended periods. Times got better in the 1980's for me and those that changed their ways. We found new careers, new opportunities, new ways to understand ourselves and the world around us.

This ol' pair of blue eyes has spoken...


I published one new short story, Mother Is Gone.


At Newbound, Inc. we are particularly working on number 5 on this list. Our Newbound Software Library works on any Java capable device from cell phones up to the cloud layer. Several of our clients have found our consulting and software development solutions to be very affordable as they downsize their operations.


I remember the first time I saw Mathematica demonstrated at the 1988 Apple Developers Conference.


This makes so much sense nowadays.


Found on the web links for November 20, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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