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November 21, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Giving Thanks 2007

The above image is Where Peace Prevails

Today's song is We Can Work It Out by The Beatles, released in 1965.

It is the time of year to be thankful for what I have. It is a time to be reflective of all my efforts this year. Some results were expected, some surprises came along too.

My wife and immediate family remain as close as ever to me. My extended family is gathering in Chicago, but we are not able to join them this time around. We send them our love.

My great circle of friends near and far contribute to my happiness and I thank them for being in my life.

The holiday season starts on Thanksgiving and runs through New Year's Day. I allow more time for all those dear to me, a sign of mutual respect for being alive.

Soon the Christmas shopping begins, the Christmas cards go out, the traditional holiday movies play on the screens. Santa Clause make his appearance and the wishes of many new and old romances come true.

Be sure to extend a smile and season's greetings to all you meet. Open your heart and you will be rewarded many times in return. I have and know it to be true. :-)


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It's my special thanks to my customers!


Among the recent medical news was this one that sounds promising.


This Flickr feature sounds like fun. Enter some keywords and see what pictures are associated with it. Take a look at results from my query for San Marcos.


Some blog tips for those exercising their Freedom of Speech.


Will the Internet really run out of space in two years?


Wow! This new iPod ad is hot!


Tell me something I don't already know.


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