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November 18, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Triple Conjunction

Today's song is, Time For Livin' by The Association.

I arrive at this point in my life today where three key anniversaries join simultaneously. This particular and unique juncture on November 18th is comprised of: my father's death 50 years ago; the starting of my martial arts training 30 years ago; and, the beginning of my high paying computer consulting career 20 years ago. All of them coincided on November 18th respectively.

Each anniversary is remembered for its own merits and has been written about previously on this site as referenced by the links above.

My father helped give me life. What greater gift can there be? I've lived ten years longer than he did. I've traveled to places he never saw. He had a quality of bringing people together that exceeds my capability to match. I have many friends, but my Dad had more in his lifetime than I in mine. Besides missing him for the usual reasons, I missed his insights into who I was as I aged. I may know myself better than he knew himself, but I'll always be lost to some extent because he wasn't alive to guide me along. I've done my best with the cards dealt to me and I never forget my love for him.

My Sensei, John Venson, taught me skills and insights that helped me see many things in a new light. The bond that grew between us has stood the test of time. We are two men who are of different races and backgrounds that found common ground in trust and friendship. That relationship endures regardless of the distance between us or the time we are apart. I think my Dad would have liked Sensei a lot.

Twenty years ago today I started earning $1,000 a week by providing computer consulting and software designs using Macintosh technology solutions. For almost four years prior to that time, I struggled sometimes to keep going in that career. I often had doubts, but the insights about inner strength learned under Sensei Venson helped carry me through as did the spirit of my Dad at various times back then. Since that time the money I've earned is secondary to the experiences I've had in so many walks of life.

I think my Dad would be proud of me if he were still alive. Last Sunday I spoke by telephone with Sensei Venson to touch base with him before the holidays begin. I reminded him that the 18th marks 30 years of he being my teacher and Sensei liked that very much. My career has evolved into many different forms. Nowadays much of it is spent in community volunteer activities, with a strong emphasis on coaching and mentoring. All the anniversary components I've written of today are milestones in my life. It's comforting to look back on my life in terms of ups and downs and see those former paths pointing towards new ones tomorrow.

Soon the holiday season arrives and I become more attuned to my inner calling than at other times of the year. This triple conjunction primes me early as I get the feeling this holiday season will be special for me. I hope it is for you too. :-)


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