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November 18, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

Speaking Towards Success

My term as President of the Twin Oaks Toastmasters club ends at the end of December this year. Before last Spring's club election I sent a, position paper to all club members. Recently I sent out a, "State of the Club" report to all members to explain the actual results as compared to my plan as stated in that position paper.

I didn't achieve everything I planned. That is not a disappointment because a plan should always have more in it than can be achieved. If there were no challenges to a leadership organization, we wouldn't evolve. The Twin Oaks Toastmasters club did evolve these past six months.

We gained ten new members since July 1st. We have two more recent guests that appear to show indications of joining us soon. But it isn't raw numbers that we want to reach. We want to increase the "magic" that our club possesses. Let me explain further.

In the nearly two years I've spent as a member, I met people who were almost scared-to-death to say their name in front of us when they came to their first meeting. Then through the sheer interaction with the rest of us and by speaking in front of us, they have transformed themselves into confident and capable public speakers over time.

Not only are they capable speakers, many of them are eager to help the club in some way such as being a mentor, helping an officer on some tasks, and becoming an officer themselves.

Then there are the experienced members who unselfishly give of their time to help promote the welfare of all who seek assistance. They are well-known in the club and in some ways form the core of the magic present at our meetings.

Together the new and the more seasoned members combine to continue to make every meeting a special occasion. We adapt as needed, we listen intently to what speakers express, we work together to achieve individual and club goals.

We are no longer "just a club!" We are in transition, we are alive with new ideas. We have fun at each meeting and learn something every week that helps us all be better speakers [ Link since removed ], better leaders, better people.

I don't know if every Toastmasters club has that magic. I can only be grateful that my club does and that every member who joins adds to it.


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