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November 14, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Absent A Love Once Known

The above image, Unbridled Arousal is also available as a Hi-Res Desktop Background

Today's song is Making Love by Roberta Flack, released in 1982.

On more than a few occasions someone has either told me in-person or via email what they find on this web site helps them understand the loss of love they experienced in their own life. The loss of love no matter how it happens is devastating. Few other events in life can be so depressing and change our near-term outlook in the future to seem bleak and lonely.

The lingering effect can manifest itself in various ways as each individual reacts differently to the lessons learned. In some cases the person never recovers and withdraws from the world to a place where only they exist. Fortunately the majority of people have more favorable adjustments.

In the libraries and book stores around the world, there are countless stories of love lost and then found again. That is the redeeming truth to seek--how to experience love again.

As many works as I've created I know I could never convey exactly how I felt when I lost love. My stories here are like one grain of sand in a vast desert. To the same extent I cannot express exactly what it's like to find true love after walking through that desert of shifting grains of sand. I only know that each step along the way is important.

I still feel the absence of love I once had by another. That absence inspires the love I found since. May it be the same for you.


About two weeks ago I started to move the contents of Time Out Of Mind from two separate servers to a new web host provider. Most of the work involved copying over the large amout of images and multi-media files.

The next step was to setup the MS SQL Server Relational Database, importing the data and establishing the connection to the new ColdFusion Application Server.

Once those items were completed it was a matter of testing the various scripts, making adjustments as needed. I then rendered the 970+ web pages using my scriptable Content Management System I've been using for ten years now.

Lastly, I redirected the DNS Server information to point to this new server location.

The process has been working very well for the past week upon completion of the move without incident. It was fun to handle the change-over as a self-made project, learning a few new tidbits in the process.

I want to thank my friend Rick White of Digital SweatShop, Inc., for hosting my site the previous 6+ years on their servers. Rick's generosity gave Time Out Of Mind it's start back in early 2002.


I took Sherry to see the new movie, Changeling on Tuesday. We both enjoyed it very much.

I had to keep reminding myself that the main character in the film was a very reserved woman and that the setting of this true story took place back in the late 1920's. In her place I would have reacted very differently towards the police and the killer himself. That's because I'm a product of my life experiences and the times I've lived through.

Go see this movie and you'll likely find yourself caught up in various emotions at times during the movie. Producer and Director, Clint Eastwood, has a way of catching you up with your own morals and sense of right and wrong in his films. I think this movie will win an Academy Award.


I published one new short story, Unknown Memories.


I added four music video links on the Don's YouTube Picks page:

  • Making Love
  • Where is a Love?
  • Ebb Tide
  • Midnight Confessions


I continue to increase my knowledge about project management. I'm starting work on certification for MS Project Professional 2007. All my Windows XP work is done using VMWare Fusion running on my iMac in its own window.


I updated information on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


California is planning for the Big One.


A story about an interesting weapon.


The 2008 Salary Survey for IT is a useful resource in these challenging times.

On the other hand, I think FDR had the right idea then and it can work again now.


If you're in need of a automatic testing approach, take a look at Watir.


Found on the web links for November 13, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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