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November 9, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Change You Can Believe In

The above image, Unemployment Explosion is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby released in 1986.

The real unemployment rate is at 17.5%. The lower rate touted by Administration officials of about 10% is an attempt to BS us, to placate us, lying that the unemployment situation is better than it actually is.

This deceptive technique of ignoring the real unemployment rate has been the tool of many Administrations for decades. This Administration isn't as transparent about the real figures as you might expect from a President who said he would bring change to Washington. President Obama is changing by becoming a typical Washington politician. That's a change you can't believe in, in my humble opinion.

There's a story in that situation and I write about that next.

Last week I was at my doctors office for a routine checkup. Usually the time in a doctor's office is brief, constrained to the topic of my health and fitness. This time after his exam, the doctor brought up the discussion that many of his patients are suffering from anxiety and depression due to being suddenly unemployed. I once suffered from that situation almost 35 years ago.

Many of the doctor's patients are unemployed, in their mid-fifties and struggling with the emotional and psychological stress as a result of their sudden and unexpected loss of jobs. After listening to him explain his position, I offered my insights into being out-of-work in years gone by. The next paragraph begins my thinking on the subject.

I told him that the first time an adult is unemployed, it is a severe shock to self. At first, you feel as if it's your own fault that you were laid off. You take it 100% personally that you caused it. It is normal to feel that way, but very likely you need an attitude adjustment in fairly short order to see the light of truth.

Firstly, you should not start to feel that you are a victim, either of your own creation or as part of a plan to lay you off. You are just the result of a cost-cutting measure; no more, no less. You still have all the knowledge and experience you had while employed. That means, you are still worthwhile.

In our free enterprise economic system there are always new opportunities. You may likely miss them if you allow yourself to feel like a victim or become too anxious or depressed. Experiencing anxiety or depression is like being surrounded by a fog that obscures your view of reality. It is not where you want to be.

I learned this in the mid 1970's when I was laid off the first time as a machinist. Being laid off taught me to use my time wisely and learn new skills. I used that same approach in later years to emerge from being unemployed, being a valued member of a team once again in a new field or endeavor.

As I explained all this to the doctor, I saw the light in his face appear. He understood my perspective. He said he found value in what I told him and appreciated my input. He said he could apply a new approach to his patients who were unemployed, anxious, or depressed. I felt good about the exchange as I left his office. It's just what this patient prescribed to him. :-)

We should always do our best to learn new skills and apply the knowledge we have. We can change and adapt to new occupations and opportunities. Others may try to deceive us or manipulate us with the facts. Instead, we can believe in ourselves and the changes we bring about within us., proving we are still worthwhile.


On my previous Artist Considerations message, I indicated I created 20" x 30" posters in portrait orientation. Below are the small thumbnails of those full size posters I rendered so far:

101 Sunset Blowing Bubbles
Canyon of Tears Outlet Ebb Tide
Imprisoned Soul "Karenias Outpost Poster Portrait Thumbnail Image" Karenia's Outpost
Moonlight Memories Sacred Canyon Sentry
Twin Winds Winter Day


Thank you, Kimberly Munley, for stopping a killer. Each American needs to stay alert to lethal activities, ready to take self-defense action.


Friday night I watched the DVD, Charlie Wilson's War. It goes along with my views of America's involvement in Pakistan and Afghanistan I wrote about last year in, American Reach.


For the large number of people out there turning in their PC's for Mac's, Switchers Guide: Moving from Windows to the Mac.


Found on the web links for November 8, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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