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November 7, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

TOT's Community Service Teamwork

The above image, Hues Intentions is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, released in 1986.

Two months ago, my friend Jackie, arranged for a number of our mutual friends from Twin Oaks Toastmasters (TOT) to help prepare and serve food for needy veterans. Last Monday night, seven of us met at the Interfaith Community Services location in nearby, Escondido, California to fulfill our obligation to help.

The chef's name is Jose. He assigned each of us tasks starting at 4:00 p.m. None of us knew what to expect, but in short time, we were all working together as a team. The kitchen was well stocked with food distributed by the San Diego Food Bank.

During the first 30 minutes we were together, we scurried about looking for the supplies or preparation utensils as Jose issued instructions. Soon we knew where to look and how to operate in the kitchen. I was amazed at how well Jose led all of us novices as he was busy himself with his own tasks. All seven of us on the TOT team worked in unison for about 90 minutes to prepare the many items on the menu.

Right at 6:00 p.m., we started to serve the people as they arrived. Each of us was assigned a station in the food line and served our portions up with a smile to the thankful patrons. It was a great experience to participate in with a group of dedicated friends.

We in TOT pride ourselves with our leadership skills. On Monday night we witnessed leadership from Jose, a man none of us ever met previously. Jose instinctively assessed our abilities with his keen eye, allowing us to perform our duties in tandem with one another.

I asked Jose how often such dinners are served. He informed me that every night during the week. Each night is with a brand new team of volunteers, like we were! Jose is a leader in the truest sense.

I suggest you and your friends arrange to help out in a community effort sometime. I think you'll be surprised how much fun it is, how good your team works together, and most importantly, how the recipients of your services appreciate all that you do.


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