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November 5, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]


The above image, The Primaries is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is That's the Way (I Like It) by KC And The Sunshine Band, released in 1975.

During the recent fires, many San Diego TV Broadcast Organizations refused to provide extensive fire coverage for the fires in North San Diego County, until four days into the disaster. Only the bloggers were providing information and there were many complaints during the fires, about that specific lack of TV News coverage.

Now the backlash by those effected is starting to get attention.

Some Satellite TV Providers are now trying to cover their dereliction for the public good by blaming the Nielsen Ratings system! Can you believe how lame a claim like that is? Every Satellite TV executive that uses that for an excuse should be fired!

Take a look at the Nielsen Media Research FAQ page on the topic. You'll see that the claim that it's Nielsen's fault is unsubstantiated.

Maybe the responsible executives will be held accountable this time for their blatant omission in time of emergency. If they are replaced, then let's hope they are replaced by management philosophies of inclusion rather than exclusion. That future emergency coverage is based on urgent needs of the communities at risk and not marketing statistics.


I published two short QuickTime 7 Videos I took with my Sony Hi8 camcorder at Sea World San Diego back on November 30, 1996:


Now that Daylight Standard Time is in effect, be more careful for pedestrians.


Some infections are becoming drug-resistant.


There is a new magnetic map of the Earth in digital format.


Cell phone jammers are starting to show up. If most people used some common-sense and/or proper etiquette when using a cell phone, illegal devices like this wouldn't be gaining in popularity. The reality is very different, I know.


IBM is entering the Energy Credits marketplace.


I'm always happy to know Apple, Inc., continues to expand into the enterprise marketplace.


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