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November 2, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Weird Places And Books

The above image is my 2005 photo of a Yuma Territorial Prison Cell Block

Today's song is Mirage by Tommy James and the Shondells, released in 1967.

This week I received my copy of the Weird Arizona book. This is the second book from the Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. that uses a photo of mine. This time the above photo from my Yuma Territorial Prison trip appears on page 196 of that new book. The book's cover is shown below.

Last year, another photo of mine was used for their Weird Hauntings book and I wrote about that on my September 25, 2006 home page.

As the popularity of Time Out Of Mind grows, so does the opportunity to be credited with my various works. It's easy!


Our daughter and her husband are expecting their second child next June. The grandparent excitement continues here at home.


During this past month of October, this web site accumulated over 125,000 page views, serving 1,524.330 requests (hits), while delivering 25.35 GB of data. That's a new record for one month!


Three Quicktime Video's of mine remain very popular. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of downloads for October.

Feeling In The Moonlight is about 3 minutes and 20 seconds long and 14.5 MB in size. (1,978)

The Great Spokane Washington Falls is about 16 seconds long and 5.3 MB in size. (280)

Many Moons Ago Music Video is about 8 MB in size and 5 minutes in duration. (259)


Time Magazine selects the iPhone as the Invention of the Year.

If you're looking for some desktop backgrounds for your iPhone, here are mine.


Mac Technology Links:


WalMart to start selling a $199 computer. A monitor is extra. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next year.

I doubt those sales will have much of an effect on Apple, Inc. For Dell and Microsoft, this news has more of a potential downside effect for them since they cater to the low-end technology crowd. Now they face increased competition at the real low-end.

If WalMart can capture the low-end market away from Dell and Microsoft, then the mid-range and high-end market opens up for a grab by Apple since in my humble opinion, Apple's products are the best in those ranges. The Apple computers can run Linux as well as Windows so why wouldn't a system that can run all the OS's be purchased?

It seems to me those Mac mini's are going to look pretty good to users of those low-end WalMart system users at some point.


Intel has an idea to help bring wireless broadband to Africa.

Maybe we in America need to speed up too.


This very intelligent primate passed away.


I read a report that Steve Jobs may be interested in this technology.


Invisible weapons? Tractor beams? Time to move into Second Life and escape. :-)


Social networking, Google-style.


I found this very useful collection of historical maps while playing with Google Earth.


Hulu is a new service for delivering digital video. I found a page of gripes about it.

By reading some of the reader comments on that gripe list, two alternative technologies were discussed to deliver video to all your digital video devices: eyeTV Hybrid; and, VisualHub.


So now GelaSkins offers attractive covers for the iPod. Maybe they will use some of my digital art for their covers?


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