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May 31, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Love Across The Distance

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Today's song is I Saw The Light by Todd Rundgren, released in 1972.

This past holiday weekend our daughter came for a visit. It's the last airline trip she could take because she is now in her last trimester of pregnancy. She arrived Friday night and stayed until Monday afternoon. On Saturday we drove over to Palm Springs, a part of California she had never been to previously. We had a wonderful time with her as we always do. Soon she will be a mom and we will be grandparents. That's cool!


I have a best friend who is soon taking a trip home to the far side of the Earth. I may not see her for an extended period of time. I will miss her smile and gentle ways of living. I created a new GarageBand song, Towards Eastern Home as an mp3, for her trip home. It also applies for all people that travel home now and then.


My good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, is specializing in restoring sound recordings using very cool technology. He gave me a plug on his web page describing his services. I have several samples of his work where he restored decade's old 78's and turned the recordings into pure digital gold.


My long-time friend and author, Bob Katzman, is now writing online articles. He promotes the stories of people who struggled to break into the tech field.


To love across a distance is often required in the modern world. I have learned to love that way, although it was hard to evolve to a point to achieve that capability. To love someone who is always close by can lead to complacency.

Love gets stronger when challenges present themselves to those who know true love. I know true love and otherwise. I'll take true love across the distance over the illusion of nearby love any day. Below is an excerpt from one of my previous web site messages written on December 31, 2003.

"I have many loves in life: love of self; love for my wife; love for my family. Those are deep loves and the closest to my heart. Next is the love for my soul mates who touch me differently and complete my life in ways others do not. After them are my friends and extended family; they are never far from my thoughts. Lovers of my past are kept alive too. The active love for them faded away long ago, yet their memory, their impact on my destiny, will never leave my conscious mind. Love for me is not a process of reduction or exclusion, but rather one of growth in making new connections of the heart." -- dwlarson, 12/31/2003

To all those I have loved, love today, or will grow to love tomorrow, you have my word on that. I never break my word.


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