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May 30, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Feeling In The Moonlight

The above image is also available as a Desktop background

It is a time again to say to all of my readers, whether you once knew me, know me now, or have yet to meet me, I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you whenever we can.

This is a time of warm remembrances of seasons past with a eye towards a very rewarding Summer soon to be here. Good things continue to happen in my life. New understandings and new relationships are making an impact on my life in profound ways.

One of my recent activities is the contribution I made to the city of Carlsbad. Back in February I was approached by several department managers to artistically create and produce a digital video for their volunteer campaign. I worked with a team of people who supplied me with the still pictures and themes. It was my job to pull it all together in a pleasing way using Apple's Final Cut Express HD, LiveType, and Motion to deliver the intended message and catch the audience's attention. I delivered the video to them last week. I am hoping to be able to show [ Link since removed ] that work here in the near future. I have heard many good comments on the final product and I am happy I was able to contribute to the cause.

On the business side of my life, I had several bound copies of my art books, Digital Passages Portfolios One and Two produced for my artist agents to use during their marketing efforts. Portfolio Two's cover and one of the inside pages is displayed below.

Last week, I created a Digital Passages Poster (thumbnail image shown below) of my 90 images for sale. Some of my customers have asked me to make this available for them. :-)

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My next music CD to be released at Digital Passages is named, One Love At A Time. That album is being created using Apple's Soundtrack application. So far I have seven instrumentals completed and will add more before it is officially released for sale.

Each of the tracks expresses some of my experiences when I fell in love, what changes took place within me, how the relationships evolved.

One of the tracks is featured in this digital video of mine, Feeling In The Moonlight. That QuickTime music video uses the instrumental and a series of my 4th of July firework pictures from 2003 as the visual content. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, I have many enjoyable memories of those nights. Maybe some of you felt as I have in the moonlight?

I previously published two other QuickTime music videos based on that same album:

Here are all the current titles of the unfinished album:

  1. Gene Weed Intro
  2. Contemplation
  3. Demystify
  4. Feeling In The Moonlight
  5. Loss Of Innocence
  6. March Memories
  7. Skin To Skin
  8. Still In Love With You

In closing, I wish to thank my cousin Kim and her husband Mike for inviting us to their traditional holiday party yesterday in Temecula, California. They are the proud new parents of a baby girl born on May 3rd, she's a darling little britches. Below is a picture of their beautifully landscaped back yard. Thanks Kim and Mike!


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