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May 29, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Some Nights At The Opera

The above image is, Tears That Do Not Fall

Today's song is Carry On by Jerry Goodman, Tammy Eldridge and features CJ Vanston, released in 2001.

This past week I was contacted by Karen Saillant about using one of my art images to help promote a new opera coming this summer in Italy. In her first message she writes:

"I have been using the image and words, Tears That Do Not Fall, that I found on your Blog to inspire our upcoming world premiere opera:IAGO, which will take place in Citta' della Pieve, Italy this summer (our 6th world premiere in the past 6 years). I want to thank you so much for your words and for sharing this image. I would like to give proper credit to the person who drew this image. Is it you?"

Please look at my web site.

I would very much like for you to be my friend on Facebook!

All the Best,
Karen Saillant
Founding Artistic Director
International Opera Theater

I wrote her back with my approval and she then responded on my Facebook site:

"Donald, I am so inspired by what you wrote about Tears That Do Not Fall. This is the main concept of our world premiere opera Iago especially as related to Iago himself, a man, who after 15 years in solitary confiement is still not able to allow his tears to fall. At the end of the opera, redeemed by Desdemona's unconditional love and the unlikely friendship of a little boy, he is finally transformed.

Thank you once again for your words and this wonderful image and metaphor and for the permission to use it as I speak about Iago at our upcoming anteprima in Niagara, Canada at Niagara International Chamber Music Festival on July 23 and then in Citta' della Pieve on August 25,26,27. Thank you so much!!!!"

Every year I receive kind requests for using content on this site and providing me proper credit in return. I am honored and humbled very often by the requests. This time it is very special to me.

There is additional correspondence on this topic with Karen on her Facebook page. She referred me to this book, Female Mourning and Tragedy in Medieval and Renaissance English Drama for greater insight into the matter. I quote a section of that text's "Introduction" below of which I can personally relate:

"The image of a live human body cradling and weeping over a dead one encompasses, at the most basic level, the irreducible contradictions of our existence. For playwrights of this era this vivid tableau offers compelling artistic opportunities for apprehending human longing and loss. But for early English dramatists and theatergoers this icon and its associated rituals also mark an irrevocable disruption in the collective memory and the unfolding of a distinct, if widely disputed history."


H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies. I hope to live long enough to see this abusive program end. It may take a Centrist President and a Centrist Congress to do it, so for sure it won't happen in the current Congressional term.


My friend, Jim, wrote a new leadership article, Skills, Knowledge, And Talent.


The Chicago Tribune published an article on my good friend, Robert M. Katzman. He struggles to maintain his business, refusing to give in to the impersonal nature of operating his very personal business across the Internet.


I'm now using Hulu Desktop. This original Star Trek episode might be worthwhile to some...


Found on the web links for May 28, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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