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May 26, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Gazes Into The Heart

Today's song is my newest copyrighted GarageBand creation, Gazes Into The Heart released today as an mp3.

Next week on Tuesday, May 30th, is the seventieth wedding anniversary of my Father and Mother. Although they are both now deceased, I wanted to publish their wedding picture here as a celebration of their marriage. I am their youngest child.

From what I was told, my Mom and Dad both had good jobs during The Great Depression when they found each other. They would regularly spend time together with the other members of my Mom's family as was the tradition before World War II arrived. Playing cards in my Grandparents home was an important social event each Friday night for all of them. I wish I knew more about their years together then.

They met on a downtown Chicago corner in 1935 and my Dad was smitten with my Mom right away. He walked her home from the bus stop that very first time. When they married, my Dad was 25 years old, my Mom 19. They had many friends and the nineteen years they were married had their share of good times and harder times before my Dad died. Sometimes I feel I know too much of those years then, when my Dad's illness burdened the family of five.

What I know the most securely is that they loved each other very deeply. When they looked at each other, they gazed deeply into each other's heart. I inherited that trait from them for those I love.

Our daughter wears my Mom's wedding band on her right hand, a gift from my brother, Rusty, who inherited it. Mom and Dad's individual pictures hang on the walls of our home. Their wedding picture adorns my desk where I type this message.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being my parents.


This weekend America celebrates Memorial Day. I owe my freedom today to those that rose to defend it with their lives. Surely they gazed into their own heart's and found duty in their country's cause.

Thank you.


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