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May 25, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Don's Code

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Today's song is Fool If You Think It's Over by Chris Rea, released in 1978.

I believe I live by a certain code in life. That code is shaped by the gift of life my parents gave me and how they provided for me as their youngest child. Further development of the code followed with my education and life experiences. I made mistakes along the way. I hurt people at times and have endeavored to apologize and strive to be a better person afterwards.

A number of people I regard as special impacted me by their code of life. Some of those effects have been long-standing in me. Some of the newly learned lessons are from best friends who teach with the light emanating from within them. Their glow radiates to deep regions within me.

I can never live up 100% to my code for I know I am human and fallible in areas. This is not an excuse, I know I must accept my limitations. I cannot be at two places at once. Therefore, I have friendships that live in my heart wherever I go, near or far. They are always close to me. I told them this to their faces.

I can never learn all that I need to know. I can't even remember all that I have already learned previously, thus, through mistakes and omissions, I will learn those lessons again someday.

My code is adapted for me. In its evolution, I absorbed what I could from other people who had beneficial traits that I try to retain as part of my personality. I refer to those people as "life teachers". When you see me, you see part of them too.


This weekend America celebrates Memorial Day. I owe my freedom today to those that rose to defend it with their lives. Their code of life will always be respected by me.


Today I am publishing a new song I created in GarageBand, Reiki's Influence Music, as an mp3. It is inspired by a best friend of mine who also inspired me to create, Reiki's Light. Through her own personality and life code she influences me as one of my "life teachers".


Video Podcasting is the latest way to promote yourself. I advocate that technology because I am a strong believer in Freedom of Speech. I found a link to iStage that seems to make it very easy to create your own video podcasts on a Mac. Try it out and offer your viewers a snippet of your code of life.


The new alliance between Apple and Nike is a cool use of their technologies. Now a way exists to transmit information from your Nike shoes to your iPod Nano using Bluetooth wireless technology. It seems to me that there are many other products that could be introduced linking up iPods to other objects. Stay tuned!


A lot of my readers use Windows so I found a couple links that might interest them. I apologize in advance that they aren't as trendy or fun as my Apple technology links.

The first link appears to be useful information for those having problems repairing Windows XP. The second is a report about the employee moral issues at Microsoft.


I discovered this interesting site a whose author seems to have a great sense of humor and creativity. I myself, don't have any need for a Cryptex to hold my secrets or code for life. For those, I have a heart, mind, and soul that has worked well for me all these years.

If it came with Bluetooth to communicate with my iPod Nano--well, then maybe it would deserve further consideration...


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