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May 25, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Sentimental Gentle Wind

The 1978 music of, Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch fits my mood tonight.

When a person is searching for an answer and that search continues on for most of their life, they might start to believe that answer might never arrive. Life holds many surprises and sometimes the answer is just around the corner.

One day, you look up, and in a particular moment, where a fraction of a second before was empty space, now a face appears at that corner of life and destiny. That face not only fills the space you focused at unexpectedly, but now captivates you from that moment on with anticipation. Perhaps the face leads you to the answer you have been seeking.

Be patient in your expectations. Build trust and respect and endeavor to do only good in the experience that follows. Realize the reaching out is a sensitive action, rare in this most intuitive state of mind, heart, and soul. Do so in that regard and the situation may lead you to thoughts and feelings you never sensed under any other conditions. You may even find those answers you sought.

Keep in mind, mere words do not always convey answers. There may be exchanges of information with another that words could never express accurately. They flow along on a sentimental gentle wind between gazes.


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