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May 22, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Coming Wi-Fi Revolution

The above image is, Sorry Honey, No Wi-Fi Signal At The Beach

Today's song is No Reply by The Beatles, released in 1964.

I have an Apple iTouch device and desire to have it be Wi-Fi connected wherever I go. That isn't a real possibility yet because the various government leaders haven't yet mandated that unrestricted capability for free across the nation. In the interim while the old-fashioned politicians are eventually replaced with 21st Century leaders, I'll have to settle for islands of Wi-Fi in the various buildings I frequent. But wait!

Most buildings aren't yet setup for free public Wi-Fi access either. Pretty soon, I'm going to start telling store managers that if they want my business, they need to offer free Wi-Fi service without restrictions when I am on their premises. If enough people on a national basis would do that, I bet free unrestricted Wi-Fi would come of age quickly in stores across the country.

My thinking is this. If business owners starting seeing demand for free unrestricted Wi-Fi from a majority of customers, they would tell their Chamber of Commerce's to pressure the politicians to get it on the public docket so the businesses wouldn't have to foot the entire bill.

Using businesses to pressure politicians always seems to get legislation passed faster than Citizen Joe or Jane asking that it be passed. Even in these new days of government transparency, business leaders have surprisingly strong leverage on governmental policies. Just like in the not too distant old days, right?

I digress. Maybe some entrepreneurial leader will create inexpensive "I want free unrestricted Wi-Fi" t-shirts we can all wear to make our point. Perhaps baseball stadiums will put in free unrestricted Wi-Fi for customers and give such free t-shirts to the crowds? That would be a great thing to see on TV, thousands of people pushing the cause right there on screens across the nation. Free and unrestricted Wi-Fi, an as yet, unrecognized corollary to America's favorite pastime.

Maybe I could even watch that majority consensus on my iTouch for free. In an unrestricted way, of course.


On Wednesday morning this website reached the 4 million page view mark after seven years and one month online. I appreciate all who come to visit this site each time you do.


Tuesday afternoon I watched the new movie, Angels & Demons and enjoyed it very much. The theme is played out with the age old conflicts between ancient religions and modern science. Although there is no conflict in me between my religion and science, I recognize others feel differently about the topic. I hope to see a third film installment of the story.


I published 1 additional image on the Favorite Header Image Combinations page (sample shown below).


Here's a couple links about Wi-Fi:


Read an interview with John Madden.


Learn about WolframAlpha:


Because the United States didn't build a wall to prevent illegal activity from flowing across our southern border, the drug cartels built their own and it reaches even deeper into our nation. Thanks to my friend Gene, for sending me this link.


Found on the web links for May 21, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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