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May 22, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Leo's Code

Today's song is Spirits In The Material World by The Police, released in 1981.

I always enjoy volunteering at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park located in beautiful Carlsbad, California. I don't know how many people have ever considered Leo's Code, but it isn't very mysterious.

Leo's ranch was during his lifetime and remains today a place of respite from the hectic pace of modern day living. You can wander along the remaining acres of the once larger spread and experience the serenity so many people find there. Almost everywhere you look is "Leo's Code" at work. The ranch draws you in and the folks that give the tours will give you occasional clues to "Leo's Code" as you walk the park in peace.

You'll become aware of the ranch's subtle message as you become more relaxed and come to appreciate what Leo left us to enjoy. As you cross the threshold of Leo's Hacienda, you can look down and see Leo's Code impressed into the cement, "Mi Casa, Su Casa".


On Friday, I went to see the new movie, The Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the movie and think of it as an interesting story. I don't believe it is a threat to the established Christian religion as some have suggested. We live in a world where religion is often a defensive topic. Beliefs, traditions, and emotions cause some people to react strongly to anything than interferes with their religious concepts.

I think each individual is entitled to their religious views, whatever they are, and those views should be respected. Movies about religion are alternatives to conversations, in my opinion, and perhaps should be considered in that light.

If you like movies that are not mainstream topics, go see "The Da Vinci Code". It more than likely won't change you mind about anything you already believe. No more than watching Bambi would probably change your mind about nature.


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