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May 21, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

My Facebook Diet

The above image, Endless Noodle is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, released in 1964.

For more than a year I participate in the Facebook and Twitter experiences. Twitter never really impressed me and it's days are numbered for me as a user. Facebook is beginning to get old for my needs too. Not only am I tired of the terrible user interface it has for user settings, the management of that company keeps trying to invent new ways to invade my privacy. I know I am not alone in my views.

There is another issue with Facebook and this has to do with the users themselves. Many of the people on my Friends list do not add to the communication process. Why are they there if not to share?

Recently I posted a message on my Facebook Wall to the effect that lurkers were going to be deleted. Right after I posted that message, I unfriended two of them. Then two more dropped off voluntarily. They are probably out lurking somewhere else, maybe on your Facebook Wall?

Now in fairness, no person is forced to participate or comment. It's not about impressing my view on anyone else either. It's not a place to necessarily argue. It's a place to write some of one's own thoughts and expect others to write theirs too on their Walls. At least that's my perspective of Facebook.

Facebook users disappoint me in that last respect. Some are very active and they are appreciated for being so proactive in their statements. The majority of those that post, do so sparingly. It's the ones that for the overwhelmingly majority of time, stay silent. Again, why are they on Facebook?

If Facebook management and Facebook users continue to disappoint me, then the solution is simple on my end. I've already implemented the policy that only family and close friends will be added to my Facebook Friends list going forward.

If I need to whittle down my current list of Facebook Friends for non-participating reasons, I can do that too. Non-participating does not mean, they need to respond to my posts, but rather they should be posting their thoughts on their own Wall. That's the criteria I use. It's my Facebook Diet approach to social media and making healthy choices.


On Tuesday, I saw the new movie, Robin Hood. I enjoyed the movie and can see modern parallels in resisting the will of the current prevailing federal administrators.


Adobe acknowledges the future of HTML5.


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