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May 19, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Countdown Begins

The above image, Dance Of The Firefly is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Baubles, Bangles And Beads, by the Kirby Stone Four, released in 1958.

In a month's time, perhaps less, our daughter's second child will be born. That child is a boy and has been giving our daughter a more difficult pregnancy this time around. My wife, Sherry, will be there about ten days to help our daughter around the time of delivery. For the first child, our granddaughter, Sherry was able to stay there a month.

Our granddaughter now sleeps in her own bed with a guard-rail to keep her from falling out. I'm told in the morning, she stands at the door-gate and calls for one or the other of her parents. She has about a 30-word vocabulary now at almost 22 months of age.

I will come in to visit, probably in July after things settle down a bit with the new baby. It will be great to see both of my grandchildren then.

It was just ten years ago that our daughter and her husband graduated from college. They married eight years ago and have done well in their careers and are excellent parents.

Both sets of grandparents are proud of them and it is cool for Sherry and I to have an expanded set of family at this stage of our lives.


I published a new Quartz Composer ScreenSaver, Art Album iMagethon (requires MacOS 10.5.1 or higher) that displays your iTunes Album Cover Art.


My Kover Phlose iTunes Visualizer is heavily referenced on Google, over 4.500 times!


The upcoming June Apple Developer Conference is sold out! This is the first time that ever happened. I attended the very first Apple Developer Conference in April 1983. There were less than 50 developers at that event. Now there are many thousands of developers working on Apple products.


I love these Get a Mac commercials. More people just keep on a switching' over to Macs. :-)


I published four new Desktop Backgrounds, in addition to Dance Of The Firefly, displayed near the top of this page:

24" iMac Thumbnail Image Title
Melted Jellybeans
Unwound Photons
Tangled Hairnets
Forming Consensus


I'm in favor of this San Marcos Slow-Growth Initiative. The citizens of a community at-large should be the final deciders on how much and what kind of growth they want through zoning exemptions.


In my previous corporate life, I lived this scenario at times.


OpenOffice 3.0 may give Microsoft Office a run for the money.


Here's another computing-cloud solution using Python.


Found on the web links for May 18, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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