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May 19, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

When Technology Is Cool!

Today's song is Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project, released in 1982.

Temptation is heightened at certain moments of my life. The latest temptation is to forego a purchase of the upcoming Mac-Intel Towers and run out and purchase a new black MacBook. Cold showers help, but my willpower is impacted by its very appealing beauty and performance.

I looked at this first-time Mac owner's Flicker picture set of him buying his MacBook and setting it up. He also apparently was the first person to display pictures of his new Mac online. I would say temptation got the better of him also.

Keep breathing deeply and slowly, Don. The new fast Mac-Intel towers will be here soon...


My friend, Bob Springer, sent me this movie link showing some very cool technology. The inventor has found a way to turn water into fuel using electricity! This movie shows his various devices and his converted car that uses water and gasoline for fuel. He has been before Congress to demonstrate his invention. Watch the movie and believe the only thing we would ever need to import from the Middle East is dirt-cheap sand for our beaches.


Weathermole combines a Google Map and weather forecast information for any location in the United States. That's cool to me.


I found the LeapFish site provides an estimate of a domain name's value in dollars. I entered my domain name for this site and found its estimated value is about $12,000.

I think that is a very low estimate. My site is currently number seven out of over 1/2 billion references on Google! I know and Bob Dylan references that are above me in the listings are worth a lot more than $12,000!

For now my domain name is not for sale. However, I remain motivated in case someone with deep pockets wants to buy my domain name from me at a realistic price that matches the exposure on Google I've developed over the years. ;-)


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