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May 18, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Dissolved In One Kiss

The 1960's song, Don't Turn Away by the group, "The Free Design", is the inspiration of today's home page. It's a song about two people in the middle of working things out one way, or another amidst a plea by one of them.

Here is a section of the lyrics of that beautiful song:

Don't turn away from me,
don't increase the distance between us when things aren't right.
I love you truly so help me, oh
Please let me bury my face in your hair
and my hopes in your care,
My love in your body, my life in your heart
beating sadly on nights such as this-
Dissolved in one kiss.

A kiss is a powerful signal in a relationship. Sometimes it is the start of a twosome. Many times a love gone awry ends with a parting kiss. The lyrics of, "Don't Turn Away", implies that while love burns warmly, a kiss convinces where words do not.

I lost count of kisses offered or received by me. I experienced the thrill of a kiss that convinced another that I was serious about them. Then there are the kisses whose effects were losing some of their strength in one direction or another. Lastly, there are memories of a last kiss ever exchanged with me; a love dissolved in its wake.

When we are young adults, we are easily swayed by our emotions. We feel strong urges within us that can only be expressed by unrestrained affectionate gestures. We can misunderstand the intentions of another by such activities, unjustifiably persuaded by something as simple as a kiss. Such impressions may be indelible, imprinted, and integrated into one's own being; whose effects may last a lifetime.

I remember my first kiss with my wife, Sherry after I fell in love with her. My wife's kisses have stayed consistent all these 32 years we've been together. Each day we kiss openly and often, reaffirming our love.

Most times when we've disagreed, a kiss between us dissolved the differences and enticed us into more enjoyable pursuits. It is magic, it is wonderful, and it is true.


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