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May 16, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

East-West Collaboration

The above image, When A Memory Dies is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Forget Me Nots by La Bouche, released in 1996.

No, I'm not talking about opposing philosophies of nations in my title. It's the musical and animation activities that Chuck Shepherd and I have been working on this last week. He lives in Virginia and discovered my art last March by using Google. Since then we've discovered a little bit about each other in our email exchanges.

Our first collaboration is, Many Moons Ago Music Video, based on my digital art (shown below) and his music of the same name. It's in Quicktime 7 format and is only 8.1 Mb in size. The master at 512 x 384 30fps was over 6 GB!

Both Chuck and I hope you enjoy our efforts. We spent considerable time on it. ;-)


My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, sent me a movie trailer he put together using some of my music. The full credits are shown below.

Movie trailer on an upcoming ZGI Film Festival feature,

Filmed from behind the scene's footage . . . . .
See how this film turned out . . . .

Written and Directed by Keith Davis
Assistant Director, Gene Weed

Lead Actors:
Peter Dahm
Skip Thomas
Jackie Olson
Kathleen Cameron

Trailer soundtrack:
From A Heart Not Healed
Written and performed by Don Larson © 2006
Used with permission and courtesy of Donald W. Larson

This years sponsors include AZ Film Link, BySynergy, Bistro Bella Terra, Dairy Queen, Page Springs Cellars, Starbucks, Harkins Theatres, Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona NOW Network, Raku Gallery and many more.


I updated my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver to version 2.0, it includes a random sequence module now.


I didn't forget to end this message with the following Digital Insight.

Feelings Twice Removed (Created in July 2002)

There are times when you experience a feeling for the very first time. It may be long in duration or very short. Time passes and you recall that experience as unique.

Then, one day, unexpectedly, you experience that feeling once again and then it passes from your life as quickly as it arrived. That second and any subsequent encounters leave ripples upon your very being that cannot be ignored.

They penetrate to the nether regions of your heart. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Life is often very interesting and challenging for sensitive people. Have you ever detected that you felt and sensed things differently than most people do?"


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