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May 12, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Women Of Insight

Today's song is Don't Tell Me Goodnight by Lobo, released in 1975.

My wife, Sherry, has the greatest amount of insight into me. She looks at me with eyes of love and understanding. Often she doesn't need to say a word to me, she just knows what I need. At night she oftens slides to my side of the bed and hugs me as we fall asleep.

The next closest woman after her that knows me the best is my daughter, Jenny. Between the two of them I am in the best of hands.

There are other women that know me, but not as well as Sherry and Jenny do. They are friends or perhaps soul-mates who have taken the time to hold meaningful conversations with me and we were able to get to know each other better. They enrich my life greatly by trusting me to be honest and open to them too.

Nothing out-of-line happens, just great conversations and being with each other for short periods of time make for an enriched and enhanced life between people of opposite genders. Trust and respect for each other is paramount or we couldn't have evolved our relationship on a friendly basis.

I'm a loyal and honest husband to Sherry. I kept my marriage vows all along and intend to keep them in the future. Talking to other women isn't a break in vows. I walk the line and stay on the right side at all times.


Recently I read about another women with insight, Pamela Slim. She wrote about the difficulty in convincing management to listen to their employees and treat them better. Many of the ideas she writes about were part of my memos I wrote to management in the early 1990's when I was in large corporations.

Pamela, I, and so many others hit their heads on that same wall she mentions. So she did what I did, left the corporate life to pursue her own interests.

The successful companies are those that know how to manage people as people, not as slaves. The company doesn't own me. I'm the only one that owns me. I'll work as best I can for a company, but they don't own me. They pay me in exchange for a reasonable amount of work. They don't pay me to drive myself to illness or death.

I am happy to know that Pamela is out there working to make her dreams come true. She makes a lot of sense.


Annie Oakley was another women of insight. I learned much about her the other night on a PBS American Experience Presentation. Annie achieved a great deal in life because she had a wonderful talent and never sacrificed her beliefs or betrayed her gender. She reminded me of some of the strong women I know as I mentioned earlier. Annie also reminded me a lot of my maternal grandmother.

I would have liked to have known Annie Oakley, but I was born long after she died. I believed she possessed insights I would have liked to learned from her.


Google Trends is a new service that lets you see comparisons between two or more entities. Take a look at the chart between the terms war and peace or loved and unloved. It's cool that love trumps unloved. Ironic that war trumps peace. That's a curious insight itself.


Finally, here's a page offering free versions of magazines. The selections may change on a variable basis but there are insights there it seems.


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