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May 11, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Challenge of Love

The challenge in love is to be unafraid; to face the world of two, as one

That phrase underneath the image above caught a friend's attention recently, mentioning she liked it in a short email to me. I use that phrase as one of many on my email signatures and I've had other nice comments about it in the last couple years.

That line comes from my unpublished lyrics to a beautiful instrumental, Across The Sun from the Deep Blue CD by Keiko Matsui. My wife, Sherry, gave me that CD as a birthday present three years ago. I started writing the lyrics in December 2002, but they aren't nearly enough complete for release yet.

Previous Home Pages dedicated to the topic of love appeared here [1; 2; 3 ] since I adopted this format last July. More will be published in the future, I'm very sure of that.

No matter what age you are when you fall in love, you'll find it challenging. The feeling of love can be felt as a consequence of unbridled arousal or perhaps because of the subtle way another affects you. You can be naive or very experienced when you fall, yet there will be doubts, indecision, and unknown certainties on one side of the equation. It's up to you both to persevere in matters of the heart to balance that equation and obtain the mutual outcome that two people in love desire.

Below is one more of my email signatures that seems to encapsulate my remaining thoughts on this matter:

"I have many loves in life: love of self; love for my wife; love for my family. Those are deep loves and the closest to my heart. Next is the love for my soul mates who touch me differently and complete my life in ways others do not. After them are my friends and extended family; they are never far from my thoughts. Lovers of my past are kept alive too. The active love for them faded away long ago, yet their memory, their impact on my destiny, will never leave my conscious mind. Love for me is not a process of reduction or exclusion, but rather one of growth in making new connections of the heart." -- dwlarson, 12/31/2003

Love as if it will never end and you'll find it never really does.


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