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May 7, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Genesis Of A Book

Today's song is I Knew You When by Billy Joe Royal, released in 1965.

I watched an interview on TV this week and found it helped me clarify some of the thoughts I had engaged regarding my need to write a book. Claudia Emerson was being interviewed about her 2006 Pulitzer Prize winning book of poetry, Late Wife. I was captivated by how well she could convey her reasons for writing and how deeply she reached within her soul to find the meaning of her feelings.

I was meant to discover that interview. It helped me gain further insight into my own feelings for writing.

Writing a book isn't easy. I find it takes more than just memories and lessons from those memories to create the story I want to tell. Lately my emotions tend to lean towards the sad side as I re-experience certain aspects of my life looking for the words to express what I need to say. What I impart is considered by me to be more accurate in nature when I'm in the mood I'm writing about.

I know what the main focus of the book is and where the drive to write my book originates from. It wasn't one thing in itself that inspires me to write, but without that one experience from one night long ago, I doubt this book would be written at all.

I will go deeper into the setting in my book, but today I realized I needed to show here (in bolded text below), out in the open, what started it all. For many of you, this will be read without much context at this point in time. For some it will be much clearer. For two people, it is an intense reflection of what took place. Spoken by one and heeded by the other were these words during their last meaningful conversation:

"You know, I really didn't love you then!"

Sounds simple and clear doesn't it? It reveals so much in such few words. The impact was more powerful and profound than might have been imagined at the time. A heart was broken in that moment. A heart that took a long time to beat normal again.

Life's reasons for expressing feelings don't always need to be complicated. However, arriving at the understanding of those reasons may be complicated. Ironic isn't it?

So there you have it, a tidy little exchange between two former lovers that sealed their individual fates in destiny.

Life moved on for both of them. Years later another stroke of fate arrived for one. A new story and now a book is born as the result. Life really does hold many surprises!


Yesterday at a family party, I had a chance to meet up with a couple people I hadn't seen in about two years. Ken and Josie are two very good-hearted people who have two homes. One is here in San Diego, the other in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Ken is retired since last October and prefers the desert region home. He told me several of his stories during our conversation and it seems he and I have some of the same philosophies about life and family. After listening to him, I suggested he start telling his stories because he has a great voice and his heart is revealed in each adventure.

Maybe one day I'll be able to meet with him at his desert home. I love the desert just as he does. We could tell our stories there as the warm evening sky darkens, by the fire, watching the stars appear, to the sounds of night life in the desert. That would be nice.


Last week I received an email requesting permission for using some of my Yuma Prison pictures. A book is being finished for publication this Fall and there is a good chance my images will appear in that book with credit given to me. I'm happy to allow the authors written permission and I look forward to the book's publication. I'll mention it here on this site when the time arrives.


I'm happy to have known so many people in my life. A small percentage I know really well and some I've even loved. My wife, Sherry and my daughter on on the top of my list in love.

Those that I knew, those I know now, and those I have yet to meet are all part of my life. Until we meet again, take care.


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