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May 6, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Myth of Privacy

Everywhere we go, people are talking about you, me, or somebody else. Most people just can't help occupying their time commenting about the private activities of someone else. Rarely do they talk about their own private matters to the same extent. That's left to someone else to say about them.

In the article, Your Identity, Open to All from Wired News, it mentions a new search engine to help all of us find out about you, me, and others. Go to ZABASearch and start your research to your heart's desire.

I know the topic of privacy is a very touchy subject. It's funny, so many people don't want anyone to know certain things about themselves, but they'll participate in gossip about others. Guess what? They're not keeping that many secrets about themselves from being spread around.

There are so many ways to mine information on the Internet that most people aren't even aware of those ways to obtain information. Some mining techniques take only a few moments, others take the development of an entire process to go and seek out information that is not contained in the usual search engines.

Now you may go right now and see what Google or ZABASearch knows about you if you want. But what if you're not listed there, does that mean you're safe? Ha! The experts aren't stopping at those technologies to find out about you!

I'm not going to describe or suggest the alternative mining approaches utilized because that would be cheating. In the end it's your job, exhaustive as it may be, to keep your name, picture, and other information off of the Internet. Don't expect the government to do it, they can't! They're busy with other matters.

I suggest you sit back and relax and accept the fact that almost anything about you can be found out by someone who is really ambitious and most of all, patient in the Internet data collection process.

On the other hand, maybe "free information" has an actual cost? That cost is paid for by all of us in the loss of privacy we share between us.


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