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May 5, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Cinco de Mayo Fortunes

The above image, Conjurer's Evocation is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is the beautiful piano solo, Precious Time, by Keiko Matsui, released in 2003.

My horoscope for this month foretells of my good fortune. Many months the astrological news is not as promising for me. Fortunately, I don't put too much faith in horoscopes and do not depend on their predictions for my future.

Several times in my life I went to a psychic reader and paid to listen to what they had to say. Most of them have been on-target in specific terms. A couple readers were way off-base right from the onset. Generally, those consultations come about every two or three years when I already have strong psychic feelings stirring within me. I look to see if an external source can validate any of what I feel.

I have psychic sensings and those have been very reliable. Still, I count on my knowledge and life experiences to guide my path most of the time. It takes a balance of the known and the stimulus of the unknown to live an interesting and fruitful life.

I realized long ago that I am responsible for my fate to a large extent. I recognize I am a small part of the big picture and do my best to fit into that perspective.

A few weeks ago I met Tammy. Tammy is a lot like I am as far as psychic sensings. I believe we are on that same wavelength. She is a musical artist and we have been working together across the Internet on a project. The songs Tammy writes and sings are beautiful. She wants to help me market my art to her entertainment industry contacts. I wonder what that collaboration will conjure up?


As mentioned on the April 30, 2008 home page, I researched and then purchased, OmniGraffle to document workflow and processes using diagrams. Graffletopia is a great source of additional stencils to help in that effort.


I published four new Desktop Backgrounds, in addition to Conjurer's Evocation, displayed near the top of this page:

24" iMac Thumbnail Image Title
Planck's Constant
Van Gogh Nightmare
Dream Of A Genie


During April, these were my top five videos downloaded from my QuickTime Videos page:

  1. The Great Spokane Washington Falls (425 times)
  2. Deer Woman Moon Encounter Music Video Snippet (305 times)
  3. Fiddledeedee Delegates Music Video (167 times)
  4. Still in Love with You Music Video (163 times)
  5. Waterfall Dreams Music Video (79 times)


My two iTunes Music Visualizer Files were downloaded during April as follows:

  • Kover Phlose (3,347 times)
  • Kover Kubes (213 times)


The USGS released an earthquake study and a forecast reference map for California.


Thanks to YouTube, I found this old Donna Reed Show TV clip, My Dad. I haven't seen that scene since it first aired in the early 1960's. I added it to my page, Don's YouTube Picks.


The Earth gets hotter and sometimes not. I believe human activities have little to do with it.


I'll be only updating this home page for Monday's only. Unless something spectacular happens, expect that schedule for the near future.


Found on the web links for May 4, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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