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May 4, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Women Taking A Stand

The above image, Vases is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is One by Three Dog Night, released in 1969.

Sunday afternoon I attended an Open House at my friend Nicki Branch's Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue Ranch. The ranch is located in the backcountry region of North County San Diego. The drive over there took about 40 minutes from my home.

At first I had a problem finding the ranch. It turns out the ranch is off-road a piece. A nice young man from the nearby Morning Star Ranch provided me with the last direction I needed to get down the one mile gravel road leading to the ranch. I created a large panoramic image to provide an impression of just one part of Nicki's sprawling ranch.

Once I arrived I was warmly greeted by Nicki. Although she was busy with the festivities for the large group of guests, she took a few minutes to point out some of the high points of the ranch. I took some photos shown below to commemorate the day.

On hand was a vet that spoke to the audience about proper horse care. He covered a wide variety of ailments, their symptoms, some first aid do's and don'ts, and was a good speaker. I learned a few things about horses during my stay.

The ranch is in constant need of funding to support the average of 50 animals in care there at any particular time. In my occasional reading of Nicki's Blog, I know that she works tirelessly to save horses that have been abandoned or been victims of cruelty. I've written about her efforts previously on this web site and will continue to do so in support of her needs.


I'm remembering my maternal grandmother, Edna Honeyman-Wilson (1888 - 1969) who passed away forty years ago this May 6th. She was a wonderful, strong independent woman. Edna marched in the Women's Suffrage Movement. She was Chicago's Grandmother of the Year in 1964, bestowed upon her by the Chicago City Council. I attended that ceremony.

My daughter shares her month and day of birth. In many ways, Jenny is like her as a strong and independent woman. I have a very good impression our granddaughter will mature to be the same.


I published 8 additional images on the Favorite Header Image Combinations page (sample shown below).


My Facebook and Twitter contacts are increasing again. Some former high school friends as well as strangers add to the mix.


Here's three references to help determine the root cause of problems and how to help decide on what to do:


10 sites to track the economy.


A zip line trip over the San Diego Wild Animal Park.


Military recruitment enters the 21st century.


Found on the web links for May 3, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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